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I spent over an hour on the phone today with a customer service rep that had programmed responses for everything.  this was after I spent 30 minutes trying to climb through the phone try to get a real person to answer the phone.


Is  it too much to ask to speak to a real person that is informed on their product or service. I pay this company around 600 dollars  a year and they can’t even speak to me.

We wonder what is wrong with the society we live and this is a prime example of why we have become an electronic society that minimal interspersion; relationships.  I mean we can’t even go a out to a bar to find a date. its as easy as logging onto your computer and filling out a profile.

I miss the days that you could speak to a real sales rep or tech service rep about your problem.  It is so frustrating when we can’t even talk to anybody.  This whole tangent brought on the thought of the direction i am shifting my business.

In my mind it is really about zigging when everybody else is zagging… being different but a better more customer serving different.  I know that I would be willing to a pay more for a service that I could speak to someone and expect real people dealing with my problems .

It is some serious food for thought on who we do business. i am not benign that I can’t use technology…. I mean I do write a blog.  But, I do understand that most people long for that little extra and it could be a way to further montetize your business.


Anyway enough of my rant. Until nest time.

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