The Great Chef


So after an entire week of cooking dinner every night I found that I am the most basic cook on the planet. I know how to do very few things and have a very limited recipe bank. If I had to cook for weeks in a row the menu would probably repeat itself every 5 days or so. I found myself wishing for a personal chef to come rescue me and my family.  Cooking not only takes time to prepare then it turns and requires more time to clean up after. I decided I would cut my dream short of a chef and a maid and just focus on the chef. We needed a chef that was adventurous in the kitchen. Someone to bring great flavor and experiences.

That is when I began to search the internet for great recipes that wouldn’t take hours in the making. Diverse but not crazy out there with foods that you could barely find or even pronounce. I found some pretty good websites that allowed me to create some really good dishes that had remarkable flavor but I did not have to spend three hours prepping for.

Sadly, unless I will the lottery I will probably never have a personal chef. So I guess until that day comes, I will continue the struggle of cooking a great dinner.

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