How to get the best deal on Your limo rental


Limousines are ever loving amazing!!!

You gotta love a white glove opening a door for you.  I mean I can;t afford one on a regular basis but those people starring out me  don’t know that. We book them for everything when we got out.

Who wants to worry about the DD crap?  There are so many local options. The local market is very competitive which keeps the pricing in check.  Normally if you work at it you can get them down to around a hundred an hour for a stretch limo or hummer.

Check these guys out.

We have booked through them a couple of times with pretty good results. But, always check around.

Make sure they have updated limos.  We have booked through some companies when you get some ragged old crap.  If you are booking a limo, you want extravagant not worn out 10 year old stuff.  If they are a major player in the market they will have updated their fleet.

Sometimes you pay for what you get.  Remember that because it normally holds true in just about everything.  If somebody is half the cost of their competitors than there is probably a reason. Duh… its better to let somebody else find out the reason and not you…LOL

Number 1 tip of the day

Ask about the corporate rate.

It will be cheaper and you will get better service.  It doesn’t matter if you are with a corporation or not.  If they can afford to knock a few dollars off for a fortune 500 company, they can afford to knock off a few dollars for you.

Oh, ask about the refreshments. Some companies will only provide non alcoholic  beverages.

Don’t know about you but if I am renting a limo for the evening, I am going to have a drink.  Its not everybody’s cup of tea though but is worth asking.

Now that you a pretty much an expert on booking your next limo.  I expect that your are getting primo service and deals everywhere you go when you are booking any kind of transportation service.

Don’t be afraid to ask if you have any questions. Post a comment and I will answer you from my infinite limo renting wisdom

No really

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