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Customers Service


I spent over an hour on the phone today with a customer service rep that had programmed responses for everything.  this was after I spent 30 minutes trying to climb through the phone try to get a real person to answer the phone.


Is  it too much to ask to speak to a real person that is informed on their product or service. I pay this company around 600 dollars  a year and they can’t even speak to me.

We wonder what is wrong with the society we live and this is a prime example of why we have become an electronic society that minimal interspersion; relationships.  I mean we can’t even go a out to a bar to find a date. its as easy as logging onto your computer and filling out a profile.

I miss the days that you could speak to a real sales rep or tech service rep about your problem.  It is so frustrating when we can’t even talk to anybody.  This whole tangent brought on the thought of the direction i am shifting my business.

In my mind it is really about zigging when everybody else is zagging… being different but a better more customer serving different.  I know that I would be willing to a pay more for a service that I could speak to someone and expect real people dealing with my problems .

It is some serious food for thought on who we do business. i am not benign that I can’t use technology…. I mean I do write a blog.  But, I do understand that most people long for that little extra and it could be a way to further montetize your business.


Anyway enough of my rant. Until nest time.

The Great Chef


So after an entire week of cooking dinner every night I found that I am the most basic cook on the planet. I know how to do very few things and have a very limited recipe bank. If I had to cook for weeks in a row the menu would probably repeat itself every 5 days or so. I found myself wishing for a personal chef to come rescue me and my family.  Cooking not only takes time to prepare then it turns and requires more time to clean up after. I decided I would cut my dream short of a chef and a maid and just focus on the chef. We needed a chef that was adventurous in the kitchen. Someone to bring great flavor and experiences.

That is when I began to search the internet for great recipes that wouldn’t take hours in the making. Diverse but not crazy out there with foods that you could barely find or even pronounce. I found some pretty good websites that allowed me to create some really good dishes that had remarkable flavor but I did not have to spend three hours prepping for.

Sadly, unless I will the lottery I will probably never have a personal chef. So I guess until that day comes, I will continue the struggle of cooking a great dinner.

I am wishing for a house that cleans itself


As I was helping clean our ever disgusting home today.  I started dreaming about a home that would clean itself. Than I decided i would wake up .  So i thought I would talk a little about the things i.e. clutter that leads to our homes and lives being in a wreck. It all starts with the floors. It just seems like a couple of toys or shoes are like gateway behaviors when it just opens the flood gates.  I do love some clean carpet and clean floors.

Carpets and floors can be the ultimate dirt and grim trap.  I can only imagine what gets tracked in on mine.  its kinda scary to think about really.  But ,I have noticed that when my floor is picked up the house stays clean.

Do not clean your carpet with a supermarket carpet cleaner.  Pay a professional…. its not that expensive.

Its the same way for the dishes.

When we keep the sink cleaned out the kitchen stays clean.  Its kinda of funny how these things are like tipping points for household despair.

We waist some much time cleaning the house.  I saw a commercial for  a Rumba the other day and it got me thinking about this whole hands free cleaning.  I mean we can clean our carpet with ever doing anything imagine where the future of cleaning and household service could go.  Look a teflon. When used like it was intended it basically cleans itself.  you get done using it and then wipe it out.  It is that easy.  Why can’t our houses be that way to clean.  I mean down to air ducts to carpet cleaning it shouldn’t be that difficult.  While I do not argue that home upkeep has come leaps and bounds over the last few decades or even since my parents generation.


That was a different day and time.  Inflation wasn’t so high that it takes two incomes to survive and then you get hit with the middle class squeeze. The reality is most people  have both spouse working and home cleaning really takes a back burner.  The reality is a person that could create more innovation in home cleaning and upkeep could become an overnight millionaire.

Home you enjoyed reading my rant on home cleaning!

How to get the best deal on Your limo rental


Limousines are ever loving amazing!!!

You gotta love a white glove opening a door for you.  I mean I can;t afford one on a regular basis but those people starring out me  don’t know that. We book them for everything when we got out.

Who wants to worry about the DD crap?  There are so many local options. The local market is very competitive which keeps the pricing in check.  Normally if you work at it you can get them down to around a hundred an hour for a stretch limo or hummer.

Check these guys out.

We have booked through them a couple of times with pretty good results. But, always check around.

Make sure they have updated limos.  We have booked through some companies when you get some ragged old crap.  If you are booking a limo, you want extravagant not worn out 10 year old stuff.  If they are a major player in the market they will have updated their fleet.

Sometimes you pay for what you get.  Remember that because it normally holds true in just about everything.  If somebody is half the cost of their competitors than there is probably a reason. Duh… its better to let somebody else find out the reason and not you…LOL

Number 1 tip of the day

Ask about the corporate rate.

It will be cheaper and you will get better service.  It doesn’t matter if you are with a corporation or not.  If they can afford to knock a few dollars off for a fortune 500 company, they can afford to knock off a few dollars for you.

Oh, ask about the refreshments. Some companies will only provide non alcoholic  beverages.

Don’t know about you but if I am renting a limo for the evening, I am going to have a drink.  Its not everybody’s cup of tea though but is worth asking.

Now that you a pretty much an expert on booking your next limo.  I expect that your are getting primo service and deals everywhere you go when you are booking any kind of transportation service.

Don’t be afraid to ask if you have any questions. Post a comment and I will answer you from my infinite limo renting wisdom

No really

Welcome to my blog


Hola and welcome to my blog. My name is Ashley and i am a 28 year old who loves to write about traveling and all the awesomeness of my travels and experiences.  This blog will be pretty much the end all be all of blogs about regional travel and things to do. look no further for any local hotspot and local dive information.